Chamberlain WD822KD Review

A garage door opener is among the best inventions in the human history. Truly, it is a great investment to experience luxury and taking full advantage of convenience that is brought about by technology. There are three main types of door openers. These are the belt drives, screw drives and chain drives. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. The belt drive garage door openers are considered the best because of the reliable and sturdy rubber belt chain drives which get rid of noise.


Door openers like Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive is compatible with an in-vehicle remote control system, which allows the user to open the garage using a push button or remote control without the need to step out from your cars. No more worries about getting wet on rainy days or even thinking of shoveling snow during bad seasons.

About the Product

The Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive garage opener is one of the top-rated technologies with its one-of-a-kind Motor Vibration Isolation System or MVIS, which offer whisper to quiet function with vibration-free motor. It comes with user-friendly installation system that is very ideal for residential facilities with good living spaces.

Whisper Drive has specifications that is proven and tested in terms of quality and performance. The motor passed the quality control standards is offered with the lifetime warranty making it the best consumer product of choice.

Technical Details and Specifications

Weighs 36.3 pounds or 16.5 kilograms and 3-piece rail for fast installation

27.1 x 9.7 x 13.3 inches dimension

WD822KD Model number

Lifetime warranty on motor and 10 years on the belt

Powered by ½ horsepower, 200-watt light along with two light sockets

Enclosed gear case for life-long protection and smooth movement

Sturdy rugged steel construction guards

User-friendly, fast and easy installation system

Advanced protector system with Rapid-Snap brackets

Sold at $266.99 (sold at special promo price: $228, free shipping)

Maximum of 3-4 days delivery

4.4/5 stars in top rated websites with over 300 consumer reviews

Each part of the Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is carefully chosen to work together resulting to exceptional performance. Weighing 27.1 pounds, one can easily find a perfect match garage door. WD822KD Whisper Drive is an economical choice efficiently working at ½ horsepower, 200-watt light for standard single garage door. It has enclosed gear case that continuously lubricates and gives smooth even movement that can survive corrosion and varying temperature.

Anyone can easily install the garage system in as fast as 60 seconds using the step-by-step easy to follow through instructions. It is also packed with three-button remote control keys and a keyless entry pad that is very useful in situations where the remote is not readily available. Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is added with Security+ anti-burglary safety features that protect your homes from intruders and safe guard your love ones from untoward accidental closings, which may result to injury. The product is known for its Rapid-Snap Brackets that permits an imperceptible light beam that immediately reverses the garage door if it detects barriers while the door moves down.


1. Savings on Installation

The easy installation feature makes the product fairly economical. It is a do-it-yourself product; therefore, you can save on installation fee. TheWD822KD user’s guide comes with complete, concise and easy-to-follow instructions.

2. Neighbor friendly motor

Whisper to quietly functioning motor unit does not unnecessarily disturb the neighborhood every time you drive your car in the garage.

3. Better than Screw Driven Garage Door Opener

Consumers’ testimonials favor the belt driven garage door opener than the screw drive.


1. Most users say that installation can take around 2-4 hours especially to the novice.

2. Inconsistent remote control function. This can be caused by interference. For similar issues, consumers may visit the Chamberlain web site or contact the customer service hotline to quickly resolve technical problems and concerns.

3. May need larger and upfront investment.

Who Should Buy This Chamberlain?

Whether you are a businessman or an employee, you would surely want to drive home comfortably. Who would like to walk out of your car amidst rainy or snowstorm just to open the garage door? Do not waste your remaining energy lifting and bending old conventional doors. It is time to consider installing an automatic garage door opener like WD822KD.

If you are planning to install a garage system just below your bedroom, then the belt drive like Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP can be your best option because this is the quietest garage opener system. The belt drive runs smoothly and prevents metal from screeching. WD822KD is ideal for town house owners and any other home facilities where the garage is strategically located adjacent to the living room or bedroom.

Why Should You Buy the WD822KD?

Belt drive garage openers come in variety of size, models and specifications but the Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive can be your best choice. The users’ first-hand experience proved it so. With over 300 reviews researched, it is truly sensational that less than 10 users gave negative comments about this product. Even so, the comments are fairly minor while the rest are good to excellent impressions.

chamberlain WD822KD

Known for its advanced features that include quiet operation, reduced motor vibration and added safety measures, the belt drive can be more expensive choice over chain and screw drive. Nonetheless, as what wise men say, “There is a price for satisfaction”. Comfort and peace of mind are among the priceless things.

For only $228.00 plus free shipping, it is truly a wiser to purchase WD822KD Whisper Drive ½-HP Belt Drive today. What is spending few bucks more if it means comfort and quality? There may be many belt drive garage door openers out there but there are only few like the Chamberlain with proven track record and product performance known to clients.

More than that, they also provide extraordinary customer service that assures clients that there is someone ready to attend to your needs be it a query or complain. A consumer service staff will be happy to serve you.