Sommer Direct Drive Review

Sommer Direct Drive Review

One of the greatest investments anyone could invest in is a car.  Aside from having a house, owning a car can say a lot about how successful you have managed your personal finances to be able to afford one.

It does not really matter if you have the newest model out on the market, what matters most is how you take care of your car to make it last through the years to come.

One of the essential parts of any regular home is the garage.  This part however is often neglected and treated poorly.   Yet, this should not be the case.  Taking care of one of your greatest investments also involves a quality storage space in the form of a garage.  With this in mind, picking out the perfect hardware to go into your garage space is now an important chore.

One of the main parts of a garage is the door opener.  One of the best out there in the market today is the Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener, which has a lot of good things to offer for your garage.  This is one of the few products available that packs a lot of features that everyone will surely love.

Product Details

The Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener is a very unique product because of one feature that it has, which no other garage door opener brand out in the market possess.  It is designed to make virtually no noise when in use.  The features that come with this product are something that should make any garage owner update their current garage door opener to this specific model.

Most conventional garage door openers are equipped with movable belts, chains, or screws that will work together to open and close your garage door.  This conventional system will undeniably produce noise, which can be an annoyance especially when using it late at night, or during the wee hours if the morning.  On the other hand, the Direct Drive Garage opener, has a single movable part when in use, so this will produce lesser noise, or no noise at all.

Starting and stopping the garage door using this is made quitter but efficient with its soft touch technology which also produces almost no vibrations.  This feature makes it the best option for homes which have rooms located directly above the garage.

Most garage door openers have the motor placed at the back or front of the device.  This usually adds strain to the motor. The Direct Drive garage door opener is different since its motor is placed at the garage door itself, adding more power to lift the door, and lessening the strain put on the motor ensuring that it lasts longer.

While in use, it avoids the usual problems encountered with the traditional garage door openers with its Secure Rolling Code Technology with a speed of 310 MHz.

The whole package comes with two pieces of a two-buttoned transmitters paired with a wall station that is to be placed on the interior side of your garage door.

The whole unit can also be programmed to your car for your convenience and is also HomeLink compatible.  In case of product breakdown, customer service is available via Sommer USA.

Technical Details


Length – 43.6 inches

Width – 10 inches

Height – 6.9 inches

Weight: 40.2 lbs.

Voltage: 115 volts

Designed for garage doors with a height ranging from 7 to 8 feet

Comes complete with a full installation kit

Rolling speed of 310 MHz

Made safer with the Secure Rolling Code Technology

Comes with the following:

  • 2 two-buttoned transmitters
  • 1 interior wall station

Compatible with the HomeLink system

Customer service ensured by Sommer USA

Installed with soft stop and start technology

The motor chain runs along a steel frame made to be durable and sturdy

Retails for around $228.00 each


Sommer Direct Drive garage door

The Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Openerhas so many cool features that truly make it a one-of-a-kind product from Direct Drive, an established Europe company.  Its innovative technology partnered with the practical design makes it a sure buy for those who are looking for garage door openers.

One of the most noticeable advantage it has over its competition is the fact that it produces no sound when in operation.  Since it has only one moving part, noise is avoided.

Another is that since the package already comes with a full installation kit, assembling it is a breeze.   The manual comes with instructions that are easy to understand.  Some have even attested that it is so easy to put together that the help of another is unnecessary.

Unlike other brands of garage door openers, its motor is meant to be placed on the garage door itself.  The motors of other brands are usually placed at the back of the device.  This set-up puts more strain on the motor, since it needs to add more power to lift the door.  On the contrary, this product from Direct Drive is designed so that the motor is placed on the garage door itself, reducing strain when lifting the door open.  This alone ensures that your product lasts longer than others normally would.

There are indeed so many good things to say about the Direct Drive garage door opener, that it is not possible to put it into one review alone.


The Direct Drive garage door opener has a few things that are not so praise-worthy.  If you are looking for a product that can also connect to the Internet, then this will disappoint since it is not Internet-ready.

It also does not come with a battery back-up.  Looking for bulbs to fit this is also quite a hassle since the manual only specifies in inches and does not mention bulb model numbers (to be exact).

Although this is programmable, it will still require you to go to the HomeLink website for specific instructions on how to program it.

These are all small details that will surely not outshine the great features you get with this product.

Who Should Buy the Sommer Direct Drive?

The Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener should be bought by individuals and families who value silence.  This does not produce any sound when in use, so even if you have a bedroom right on top of your garage disturbance is a very far away possibility with this product.

This will not disturb any neighbors at all, so you wouldn’t have to worry about complaints coming from your neighbors about noise disturbances when coming in and out of your garage.

Why Should You Buy the Direct Drive by Sommer?

You should buy the Direct Drive garage door opener because it has all the things you need for an efficient garage.  Not only does it provide you with quiet service, but it is also designed to last longer than what is usually expected from this kind of products.

It is the also very affordable making it the perfect buy for everyone, from the singles to the families or all those who have a garage.